Our People

Our People Processes

We have a key statement that “We are not a Technology business that deals with people, we are a People business that deals with technology”, for Tech Project, people come first in all that we do. Because of this, we focus recruitment around seeking enthusiastic and capable staff who can align with our principles and values, aligning their own dreams with where the company can take them.

As part of our recruitment programs, we provide pre-engagement assessment to measure Abstract, Verbal and Numerical reasoning, while understanding post-employment preference-based integration with teams. We currently boast a staffing of over 90 staff in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Achievement Culture

We have a well-defined framework for staff alignment from the “balanced business plan” on a single page, our alignment model and clearly outlined values and behaviours.

As values are expressed through behaviours, each staff member undertakes ongoing self-evaluation with their manager seeking to understand strengths and weaknesses, which can affect their work results both positively and negatively.

Each staff member is supported in change and encouraged to continue learning and self-development.

We are proud of our people and our development of an achievement culture.


Our Achievement Culture Process

Our people process targets delivering a workforce who takes pride and joy out of delivering high returns for our three stakeholders being People, Customers and Shareholders.

We deliver behaviours so that we deliver results. We get great results because we have amazing behaviours. We focus on three processes per year: Achievement Planning, Development Planning; and Achievement Review.

Meanwhile each staff member has monthly one on one reviews measuring progress, development and personal wellbeing.


Individual wellbeing is an important focus for our company enabling our people to have their Physical, Psychological and Social needs met. Happy people deliver higher performance and better results.

We take our team through: Meaningful work & goals, Flexibility to achieve, Constructive behaviours, Physical health and safety, A company to be proud of, Resources and capabilities, and Reward and Recognition.

10 Behaviours that add value

Behaviours add value in interaction with external customers, consumers and the community. Being skilled in these behaviours will enable our staff to achieve personal success and success for the business as a whole.