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Executive Director
Jarrod has over 10 years as a Company Director in Executive and Non-Executive roles, Advisory Councils, and Committees, and 14 years in IT as a senior Executive. Jarrod is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD) and advocate for development of corporate governance frameworks having also completed the Company Directors – Course for Directors. Primarily focused in technology start-ups, Jarrod also has volunteered in Director and Advisor roles in NPO’s related to poverty, community rehabilitation and domestic violence. A proven broad and in-depth knowledge of Information Communications Technology, he has the capacity to lead teams from conception to delivery through to commercialisation with executive management experience as creator and motivator. Jarrod has a passion for the IT Services Industry: developing technologies and methods for other users in IT to simplify their business process and improve the customer experience.
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Non-Executive Director
Having a career in financial recovery solutions for business and individuals, Geoff is a Registered Debt Agreement Administrator. Geoff has served for several years as an Executive of PIPA, the industry body for Insolvency Professionals, and offers extensive experience in money management. Geoff is an investor and is a board member on multiple technology start-ups in Australia
and overseas.
Team member
Company Secretary
Kevin is a driven leader in Finance and Administration, having 17 years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant and 3 years as a Chartered Secretary in multi-market with global organisations. Kevin is passionate about process and controls, with a specific focus on corporate governance.